Noticing your thoughts

Do you want to change an aspect of your health? Do you know the changes you need to make to your food and lifestyle to achieve this goal?

And are you, like so many people, finding it difficult to change your habits?

Change requires hard work. And because our brain is designed to conserve energy, we are likely to experience many unhelpful thoughts telling us to stop, to quit, to go back to our previous behaviour.

So, knowing that we will encounter obstacles to change, we can help ourselves by being aware of our potential barriers and plan for them. How we plan for tasks makes a real difference to successful behaviour change.

The Human Connectome Project has collected data about thoughts and estimates that we have 4 times more negative thoughts than positive. In addition, it is estimated that 95% of our thoughts are the same every day. So if we are experiencing a constant stream of negative thoughts, which are detrimental to our goals and self-efficacy, and we do nothing to counteract the thoughts, our thoughts and behaviours will remain the same.

What we give our attention to is up to us. We can’t always choose when a thought arrives, but we can choose how long we stay with that thought.

Begin by noticing your thoughts and contact me for help to reach your health goals.

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