What would you do if you had more energy?

Would more energy allow you to enjoy life more?

What we eat and our lifestyle choices greatly impact our energy levels. Many
people rely on highly refined, fast food, cups of coffee and so-called energy drinks to
get through the day but do these foods and drinks really give us energy and
abundant vitality so that we can live our lives to the fullest?

Eating and drinking in this way leads to a short-term energy boost which wears off
quickly and can leave us feeling more tired than before. This is because highly
refined foods including white bread, pizza, processed meats, pastries, cakes and
biscuits cause a sharp spike in blood sugar levels followed by a crash as the body
releases a large amount of insulin to move sugar from the bloodstream.

Lifestyle opportunities such as sleep, regular exercise, a good social and support
network and management of stress all contribute to our energy levels; slight, positive
changes should not be overlooked and do make a difference.

Tiredness, fatigue and low energy levels often go hand in hand with other low-level
energy-sapping symptoms include headaches, digestive issues including
indigestion, heartburn, bloating and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and general
aches and pains. These can seem like minor issues that we just put up with and
shouldn’t burden our busy doctors. But we don’t need to suffer these symptoms
and optimal energy and health is possible.

Create Health and Wellness can help you to achieve the energy levels you desire to
live the life you deserve through a 5-point plan:
Create your optimum sleep environment
Create your resilience to stress
Create your achievable exercise routine
Create your nutritious food and drink habits
Create connections through social contact

You choose the starting point, the direction and the process by completing the contact form. I will then contact you to organise a free discovery phone call.